Hi, I'm Drishti (Dee),

A 21 year old who likes traveling more than drinking iced coffee. 

Born in Mumbai, India currently completing a Bachelor's degree from Indiana University in Media Communication's with a specialization in Advertising alongside two minors: Psychology & Marketing. 

I'm a passionate storyteller, and an ambitious photographer - thus the premise of this portfolio. I'm also undeniably optimistic. The world needs more positivity, and I'm here to give my fair share of it. 

Additionally, I prefer to have my hands full with knowledge at all times, which caused me to change my major at IU no less than 4 times. I strongly believe that excelling requires knowledge of subjects outside an individual's comfort zone.


In 2017, I bungee jumped off of the highest commercial bungee jump site in the world. Needless to say I had an adrenaline-spiking experience. While I was suspended with nothing but my legs tied to a suspiciously strong rope, all I could think about was how eager I was to jump out of a moving airplane, next.

For me, life does not stop at bucket-list item checked off.

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