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Kelley hope digital project

Client Team Lead and Technical Account Manager intern

My most recent endeavour to enhance my digital marketing skills was to volunteer at Kelley Hope Digital, which aimed to serve small hoosier businesses shift their operations online at no-cost during the global pandemic.

During this project, I was able to assist various clients by:

  • Developing fully-serviced marketing campaigns including scheduling posts, creating post templates, and rebranding

  • Optimizing google search rankings by implementing SEO after conducting thorough diagnosis on high ranking keywords using Buzzsumo, Mozbar, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics

  • Creating blogs, portfolio, ecommerce or business websites for clients using website building platforms: Wix, Square, Squarespace, Wordpress and Shopify

After only 4 weeks, I was invited to lead a team of my own, allowing me to further strengthen my leadership skills. I led a team of 2-3 students through countless zoom sessions involving troubleshooting, healthy team debates, an ocean of trial and errors, and nerve wrecking Wordpress plugins. This initiative exercised my strategic and unconventional thinking muscles, and sparked my passion for design.





civic champs 

Marketing and Design Intern

As a marketing and design intern, my first project was to create "how-to" videos.

I created these videos to be shared with prospective stakeholders and Non-profit organizations in order to ease them into the process of using the Civic Champs app. The videos served to guide the customers through the app seamlessly, and categorically in order to reduce clutter and confusion.

I designed these videos using Adobe Premiere. To capture the videos, I used the iPhone screen-record feature, and walked through the app myself. Then, using an iPhone stencil, I isolated its layers on Photoshop and created a stencil that perfectly fit with my screen recorded videos. After a few trial attempts, I was successfully able to generate a template for future videos, and create 3 myself.

My second project involved designing the layout for the company's first
Annual Benefits Corporation Report for the fiscal year 2019. 

The primary word processor I used was Pages, making it easier to collaborate with the Director of Customer Success. I also used Canva to create additional design elements such as photo boxes and space for testimonials.

The document is currently ​published on the company's website, and can be accessed by all stakeholders, and prospective clients.

civic champs

openers Gmbh

Communications, PR and Event Management Intern

During my internship in Berlin, Germany I was able to fully immerse myself in a german-work culture. At Openers, I had the chance to collaborate with local businesses, allowing me to heighten my communication skills by learning to read behavioral cues to pave communication gaps.

 I was responsible for creating event invites on Eventbrite and directing email marketing campaigns for the 4th Annual Asia-Pacific Week taking place in Berlin, attended by over 3000 people

One of my biggest challenges was to write articles catered specifically towards a European audience, probing me to  learn different cultural references and demonstrate high understanding of the new market within a limited period of time. After thorough research, and speaking to numerous locals, I published 5 articles on the New Mobility World Website pertaining to current events by investigating social media trends

Lastly, I collaborated with a colleague to manage and curate content for Openers' social media platforms, namely Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using Canva and Hootsuite

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 11.38.29


Social Media Marketing Intern

My job profile at RenSetGO was multifaceted owing to their start-up nature. 


One large part of this portfolio was to write compelling and well-researched weekly blog posts on relevant and current media trends.


As a Social Media Marketing Intern, I worked on a project involving two divisions: Marketing and Customer Relations. My goal was to enhance customer experience by capitalizing on limited resources and technology. This project required me to think unconventionally and run an exhaustive diagnostic on consumer purchase behavior by reviewing bot conversations, feedback forms, and FAQs and running Microsoft Excel Queries to identify points of customer dissatisfaction to improve customer retention, in order to better calculate marketing effectiveness.


Additionally, I was able to identify information gaps and outreach inefficiencies through market analysis using Hotjar and Google Analytics


After conducting a holistic analysis, I proposed revisions to keywords, which helped attract more targeted visitors, landeding me the reins of the Google AdWords account and allowing me to create my own ad campaigns.



Editorial Intern

My experience as an Editorial Intern at Chetana Publishing was most profitable in developing soft skills.


I was initially tasked  and trained with fact-checking, proof-reading, editing children’s books, and detecting  errors, a skill I picked up swiftly, finding more errors than expected.


After which I conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis of the Scholarly and Educational markets aimed to identify market weaknesses and areas for improvement. This analysis required extensive research into the existing industry POS performance systems, competitive marketplace initiatives, communication with internal and external stakeholders and the ability to critically process vast amounts of information.

Following my analysis, I made recommendations to modify existing pamphlets and Children’s book layouts by changing font sizes, visuals and using relevant keywords to form cohesive results that were later implemented.


This position exercised my skills to provide analytical support and enhanced my communications skills by working with department colleagues and authors.

chetana publiatons
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