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an elaborate about me

I'm a social media analyst & photographer

I'm Drishti or Dee, depending on what you can pronounce.

A 21 year old who likes traveling more than drinking iced coffee. 

Born in Mumbai, India recently completed a Bachelor's degree from Indiana University in Media Communication's with a specialization in Advertising alongside minors: Psychology & Marketing. 

I'm a passionate storyteller, and an ambitious photographer. I'm also undeniably optimistic. The world needs more positivity, and I'm here to give my fair share of it. 

Additionally, I prefer to have my hands full with knowledge at all times, which caused me to change my major at IU no less than 4 times. I strongly believe that excelling requires knowledge of subjects outside an individual's comfort zone.


In 2017, I bungee jumped off of the highest commercial bungee jump site in the world. Needless to say I had an adrenaline-spiking experience. While I was suspended with nothing but my legs tied to a suspiciously strong rope, all I could think about was how eager I was to jump out of a moving airplane, next.

For me, life does not stop at bucket-list item checked off.


overly enthusiastic










(by my loving friends and family)

Drishti has the unique ability to translate all my vague and chaotic thoughts into ideas, designs and creative content.

 Prerna Dugar, Friend-Soulmate

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