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My teammates and I collaborated for our practical assignment: to develop a working business plan for a start-up project for our strategic management class.

Our business model consisted of developing an online educational technology company aimed to provide learning resources, college matching, and service opportunities targeted to students in the
International Baccalaureate program.

After thorough research, we discovered that was a significant decrease in success rates of candidates achieving their diploma while demand for the program was exponentially increasing. Having experience with the program itself, we thought creating a business model that would increase the success rate by supplying students with necessary supplements like: academic resources (including online tutors, TOK preparation guides, old Extended Essays and more), services that match students with desired universities and Volunteer opportunities, all relevant to the course requirements.

Our business model achieved a 100/100 grade, making it one of the top business models of our class.


Cheez-it duoz

For this project, I collaborated with 4 other people to develop a revolutionary marketing campaign strategy for the Kellogg's Cheez-it sub-brand DUOZ. 

Our prompt was to increase household penetration of cheez-it DUOZ. Before our presentation, DUOZ went on a one year hiatus without releasing any advertising campaigns, making their launch the biggest of the season.

We chose to create a new target audience for this snack, whom we called our "BOSS LADIES." After exhaustive researching, we determined that our product should be marketed to boss-ladies who lead isolated and colorless lives, Cheez-It Duoz is her wing woman in providing companionship through its shareable, artfully-matched flavor combinations.

Our marketing strategy aimed to perfectly pair our carefully selected DUOZ combinations with a selection of Wine, offering a discount on partnering wine companies when buying it with a box of DUOZ. 

Our campaign won the case competition, ranking #1 amongst 18 teams with a 100% hire rate  as well as earned a favorable remark for our marketing strategy, which was later implemented by Cheez-it in 2020

wattpad novel


This is not just a project for me, but my biggest life achievement. 

I started this project in 2013. Writing was just a way to express my emotions creatively at that time, without any expectation for the book to gain considerable traction. A few weeks after publishing the initial chapters, I realized that the readers of the book were growing exponentially. 

Today, I have gained over 56.7 million reads of the book along with 607 thousand votes. 

Soon after ranking #1 in the ChickLit and Romance category, I began to refine and edit the book to be published physically. I was also approached by 2 publishing agencies who wanted to publish the book, but I was not ready at the time. 

I am currently working with a publishing house to edit and publish it commercially, hopefully this is the year (or 2021, because COVID) that I finally publish my novel.

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