i started writing 6 years ago, using wattpad as an outlet for many unexpressed emotions. Slowly, people started reading the stories i had to share, and commenting on them. Making the most of what i had, i decided to use my creativity to author a novel about love, friendship and other underlying "teen-problems" 

i gained over 56 million views and over 600,000 votes.

Cheez it duoz

my m300 team and I worked together for 3 weeks to create a case-competition winning campaign for the Kellogg's brand Cheez-it DUOZ. During the course of these 3 weeks, we devised various strategies to help re-launch the DUOZ marketing campaign for the year 2020. 

not only did we win the case competition, but also achieved a 100% hire rate after presenting our final campaign in front of diverse panel of judges. 

6 months later, our campaign was implemented by Cheez-it DUOZ.

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